About Us

Adept Display was founded in 2003 in response to what we saw as an unmet need in the home decorator market.

While home designs and furnishings have increasingly integrated function with style, the same could not be said for displaying items on walls.

With experience in installing gallery-style hanging systems in the specialist art market, Adept Display's founder, Lindsay Munns saw the potential to adapt these systems to the domestic market.

"I'd seen how useful and versatile this type of system was in galleries and museums, but wondered why it had never crossed over to the home market. After doing some research the answer was obvious. It is not an easy item for someone to track down and for most homeowners, installation is very difficult."

Adept Display provides a one stop solution to both these issues.

Our product range is a customised selection of the most appropriate display components tailored to the home environment. Coupled with this is our expertise in designing and installing the system. A key aspect of our service is that we spend time with you to show you how to maximize the system's potential to meet your particular needs.

Adept Display also has a commercial arm which specialises in enabling retailers, café owners or office managers to maximise their business asset by fully utilising their walls, window areas or ambient space.
The Adept Display system is fully adaptable to a broad range of environments and different wall surfaces.

Find out for yourself how this system can enable you to create the look you want. Contact us directly or visit our testimonial or gallery pages to see how others have utilised this system.