Welcome to Adept Display

Adept Display is a boutique supplier of professional quality art hanging systems for your home or business. With offices in Sydney and Brisbane, we provide an end to end solution for hanging artwork, mirrors or other items on your walls. Install the system once, and you have a totally flexible, stylish and strong hanging solution for life. 

But one small warning ... once you've used a hanging system, you won't be able to do without one!

To arrange a free quote, call us on 1800 60 77 54

Why Adept Display?

The Adept Display System has been developed with an emphasis on aesthetics. The profile is a finer, slimline design and the fixing system is totally hidden from view.

Why Use a Display System?

Galleries and museums have long realised the benefits of using a hanging system as a way to show off ornaments and unique artwork. Using a display system can offer many benefits including...

Why Use Our Integrated Services?

Firstly the installation process itself can be deceptively complicated, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the requirements of this particular system or in working with difficult wall surfaces. Our experience ensures that we will install the system correctly the first time, with minimal fuss.